What We Do

Standard cleaning
What is included in standart cleaning:

– Cleaning open surfaces from dust
– Dust for cobwebs
– Washing floors, skirting boards, window sills, door handles,switches , mirrors,floors.
– Empty and clean bins
– Tidy up
– Remove hairs and clean plug holes
– Clean and descale toilet
– Clean and rinse shower (if applicable)
– Clean and rinse bath
– Clean and rinse sink and pedestal
– Hoover floor
– Mop floor
Cleaners will put things in order throughout the house in the house, in the corridor, in the kitchen,in rooms. Cleaners will take care of the cleaners of your pets toilet – they will remove the tray.

Additionally you can order:
1) balcony cleaning, 2) washing windows, 3) washing dishes, 4) washing kitchen appliances ( refregerator, oven, including a hob,extractor), 6) change linen, 7) Iron, 8) high dusting,
or your option.

Additionally you can order